⭑ The Bromberg Brothers ⭑

Since 1992

How did two brothers from New Jersey become famous for serving some of the best fried chicken in the country???

One night back in 1992 while creating the original menu for the original Blue Ribbon Restaurant, Blue Ribbon Brasserie, Brothers Eric & Bruce Bromberg just couldn't leave their childhood favorite dish off the eclectic and fun menu, so the recipe testing began! It wasn't until a happenstance moment when leftover egg whites from making Crème Brulee, matzo meal from making their Grandma's iconic Matzoh Ball Soup and a special blend of seasonings produced the best fried chicken that the brothers had ever tasted!

Well, that was then and this is now and we are still striving every day to produce that same quality fried chicken at BRFC that we have become known for from coast to coast amongst the nation's best chefs and everyday connoisseurs of all things delicious.

Tastefully Yours!

Bruce & Eric Bromberg